Facebook made some major changes again a couple weeks ago. Changes to the “news feed” were among the biggest. Gone is the “Top News” with the option to switch to “Most Recent.” Now there are Top Stories and Recent Stories. The Top Stories are things Facebook thinks you might be interested in based on your interaction in the past. The Recent Stories are in chronological order, but they don’t include everything from all your friends. Facebook filters Recent Stories and only gives you what it thinks you’ll want to see.

The end result is Facebook is giving more visibility to the most engaging posts and less prominence to the rest.

This presents both a challenge and an opportunity.

If you post stuff to your Facebook profile and that stuff usually receives few if any comments and likes, fewer people are going to see it. On the other hand, if you post stuff to your Facebook profile and that stuff receives a bunch of comments and likes, it’s going to be seen by even more people and produce even more engagement.

I’d like to test this with 5 other people who are serious about increasing their engagement on both their Facebook profile and Facebook page.

The Facebook Five Experiment

For a week, I and 5 others will commit to spending a few minutes each day on the FB page and profile of the other 5 people in our experimental group. This is not a requirement, but the goal will be to add 5 likes and/or comments each day to each profile.

5 people x 5 FB actions x 7 days = 175 additional FB actions in the week

This will probably also help your EAv earnings and dividends paid each day, but that’s not the primary goal of the experiment.

The goal is not to increase FB actions among our group either.

The goal is to see if these actions raise the visibility of our FB posts and lead to additional engagement from people not in our group.

Gaming the System?

Some people may think this is spamming Facebook or gaming Empire Avenue, but I want to be sure that is not not what we do here. This is not about mindlessly liking stuff to increase scores. There’s no requirement to like or comment on bad content. It is an experiment to see what happens when a group of people who believes in the value of what others in their group are doing becomes intentional about engaging with and promoting that content.


If you’re interested in participating, here are the requirements.

  1. Have a Facebook profile and at least 100 friends
  2. Have a Facebook page and at least 100 fans (people who “like” the page)
  3. Commit to viewing & engaging with the Facebook content of the 5 other participants every day for the next 7 days (beginning tomorrow).
  4. Post at least 5 quality content items (link, quote, photo, etc – more than what you’re eating for lunch) to both your Facebook page and profile for the next 7 days.
  5. Share some of the same interests I have – family, faith, inspiring people to make the most of their lives. (I want the likes & comments to be authentic, so if we don’t care about the same things, that’s cool, this just isn’t the right experiment for you.)

If you’re interested in participating, please post a comment below with your EAv ticker (username). I’ll pick the first 5 who respond and qualify. If you’re reading this and you’d like to participate but 5-7 people have already responded, comment anyway. Chances are not everyone who responds will qualify. Please DON’T comment if you’re going to get offended if you’re not selected.  (EDIT 10/12 0245 EDT: All 5 spots in this experiment have been filled.)

What’s next?

Later today I will notify the 5 people who will join me in this experiment. I’ll create a page with links to the FB pages & profiles of all 6 of us. We can all bookmark that page or pin it in our browsers and quickly get to everyone’s pages & profiles each day.

If you’ve got any questions or comments, let me know.

Looking forward to the experiment!

Oh and I will report the results a week from now on this blog and my shareholders email.

– Paul Steinbrueck (e)PDSTEIN