You’re probably already aware that Empire Avenue has tweaked the shareholder missions (now just called missions), launched a Mission hub page and begun rolling missions out to more users. (See their blog for the announcement.) This may seem like a relatively minor change if you’ve been completing missions for a while, and especially if you were one of the beta testers, but this is huge for Empire Avenue.

Missions are not just a cool new add-on feature of Empire Avenue.

Empire Avenue IS Missions

Empire Avenue has changed its entire focus and business model and missions are at the heart of it.

Do you remember Empire Avenue’s tag line? The social stock market


If you check out the new Empire Avenue homepage (you’ll have to log out to see it), you’ll see the new tag line is:

Build Your Empire

With the descriptor:

Use Virtual Currency to Expand Your Audience and Drive Engagement Online

In other words, Empire Avenue is no longer marketing itself as a social stock market game. Empire Avenue is now positioning itself as the place where you can make connections, earn eaves, and then use the eaves to incent your connections to visit your website, share your content, etc.

Missions are not neat little add-on, they are the central piece of this strategy.

One organization making the most of missions has been Insider Perks (aka (e)TRVL). They’ve been offering on average 2 missions every week day to view, share, like and comment on their travel videos. With 64 million eaves of wealth, they can afford to do that without

Brian Searl, Founder & CEO of Insider Perks says, “I think the value of missions is in the engagement it provides. We’ve found it brings us closer to our already existing shareholders and provides a way to engage with them that benefits both parties. We get a little bit of additional traffic while they get eaves to spend and the chance to enjoy great content.”

Empire Avenue is hoping many more organizations and individuals will follow Insider Perk’s lead.

Brad Grier of Empire Avenue acknowledged the change and hinted at future changes in this direction, “We’ve definitely shifted our focus as a company, as we’ve learned what sorts of features are really interesting to our members. We’ve really started evolving from a social stock market alone into a much larger platform where people are earning virtual currency by being engaging with people and content online. The social stock market is one element of that, and Missions are another.”

“We still have work to do with the site, and our ultimate goal is for you to be rewarded for being social online. As a content creator or brand that might mean getting more traffic and engagement, while others might benefit by discovering cool videos, blogs or whatever, or by meeting new people… or by earning virtual currency that they can use on the site or, yes we mean this, elsewhere on the web. Now isn’t that cool?”

What do you think of Empire Avenue’s change in focus?