As I wrote last week in the post Strategy Debate: ROI vs Reciprocal Buying, I’ve become about as much of a reciprocal buying purist as you’ll find on EAv.  If you buy my shares I will buy yours no matter what your ROI or share price and I’ll hold regardless of what happens to your ROI or share price as long as you stay active on Empire Avenue. I realize that not many others use the same strategy, and that’s cool.

I have a new idea that will help to connect reciprocal buyers with each other but in order to implement it well, I need to better understand the conditions various EAv players put on reciprocal buying.  Some of the ones I’ve heard include:

  • Can only match up to your max (as determined by how much pie you’ve bought)
  • Will match up to a certain number of shares immediately and work towards matching the rest later.
  • Will only match if the player has an ROI above a certain threshold.
  • Will only match if the player’s share price is trending upward.
  • Will only match if the player is active on EAv (above a certain # EAv actions in the last week).
  • Similar to the last 3, some people will only hold as long as the players ROI stays above a certain threshold, sin’t trending down, and stays active on EAv.
  • Will match and hold based on a bunch of factors but have no hard and fast rules. So basically it comes down to gut feeling.

If you do reciprocal buying of some sort, what are your conditions?