Good morning EAvers! Yesterday we had 115 people sign-up on Empire Avenue, the most in 11 days. Many of them have excellent dividends and ROIs. Unfortunately many of them also have yet invest in other players yet, so I couldn’t put them on my main list (only 3 there) but I feel good about recommending 14 others on my secondary list.

Here’s my list of the top new EAv players from the last 24 hours:

Here are some new players that didn’t quite make the primarily list, but are close enough that I recommend giving them a try:

Have a great day investing!

– Paul

To make the primarily list of the top new stocks, a stock must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • ROI > 1.0 (ROI is dividend per share divided by stock price)
  • Dividend of at least 0.20e/share
  • The player has bought shares in other stocks
  • The player has connected at least 1 social network to EAv