I believe a reciprocal buying strategy – where you buy and hold shares in those players who buy and hold yours – is a winning strategy on Empire Avenue (see Is Reciprocal Buying a Good Strategy?) However, some of the best benefits come only when others know you’re a reciprocal investor:

  • Other players looking for reciprocal investors will buy your shares if they know you will buy back.
  • Other reciprocal buyers will hold your shares even when your share price or dividends drop because they know you’ll do the same for them.

Making it known that you’re a reciprocal investor and finding other reciprocal investors can be a challenge, so here’s an experimental idea to try to create a list of reciprocal investors.

I’ve created a Google Form/Spreadsheet. If you do reciprocal buying, fill out the form. You will be added to the spreadsheet. Within a day or so of completing the form, I’ll give you access to view everyone else on the list.

Now, few people can buy back immediately share-for-share every investment that is made in them, so I’ve provided the opportunity to clarify under which conditions you will buy and hold and which you may not.

For some of you this will still be difficult because you don’t like hard rules; you prefer to factor in a bunch of things and go with your gut. That’s perfectly fine, but I think you’ll find that the more clearly you define your buy back strategy and the more circumstances you say you will always buy and hold, the more people who will invest in you.

If after you complete the form, you want to be removed or modify your info, just let me know.

I do not want to be the reciprocal buying policeman, so if you invest in someone on this list and they don’t reciprocate, please contact that person privately and work things out.

If you have an questions, comments or suggestions about the list, please post them in the comments below or send me a message through Empire Avenue.