Tagging my Instagram photos has doubled my likes & increased followers. Here are 10 tips for using hashtags on IG. Discuss & share your tips!

How are things going for you on Instagram this week? Have you seen any impact from implementing some of the tips discussed in this series? My Instagram network score has gone up 4 points this week, and my dividend has been above 1.80 for three straight days for the first time.

Today we’re talking about hashtags…

Instagram’s use of hashtags is very similar to Twitters. Hashtags are added to any photo by preceding the tagged word with the pound sign (e.g. #sunrise) in the comment/description field. Once tagged, other IG users can find that photo when browsing or searching for that tag, for example: http://statigr.am/viewer.php#/tag/sunrise/

Hashtags are really only useful if other people are browsing /searching for them. And it turns out people do.

After reading up on hashtags, I started adding them to my photos, and the number of likes per photo doubled. The number of new followers I was getting increased as well. So, I went back and added hashtags to some older photos and their likes doubled almost instantly.

Here are 10 tips for using hashtags on Instagram

  1. As mentioned in yesterday’s post, use the #EAvIG tag. It will help other EAv users find you.
  2. Browse photos posted by other EAvers at http://statigr.am/viewer.php#/tag/eavig/ Start following any EAvers you’re not already following.
  3. Intentionally use popular tags. Here’s a list of the top 100 Instagram hashtags.
  4. Include tags for the items in the photo – #sky #trees #girl # #cat
  5. Include tags for the location of the pic – #florida #orlando #DisneyWorld
  6. If you’re seriously into photography, include tags for the camera, lens, filter and techniques used in taking the photo.
  7. Include descriptive tags like colors and emotions – #red, #happy
  8. When posting pics from an event or for a contest, use the hashtag for it. If your running an event/contest be sure to publicize the hashtag before and during the event.
  9. Note that hashtags can’t have spaces in them. While some people use an underscore in place of a space, the vast majority of people simply omit the space – #newyork, #disneyworld
  10. If you forget a hashtag or want to tag older photos, just post a comment to the photo with the hashtags in it.

What are your thoughts on Instagram hashtags? Have you found they increase likes, comments and followers? Got any other hashtag tips?

– Paul

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