Hello to the best shareholders on the Avenue!

Yesterday marked 8 months for me on Empire Avenue, so I thought it would be a good occasion to thank you all and celebrate.

I’m happy to say month number 8 on EAv has been my best! In the last month:

  • My share price has risen from 202.14 to 254.51.
  • My average dividend has risen from 1.62e/share to 1.92e/share (Yesterday my dividend was a personal best 2.25e/share.)
  • For each share you had invested 202.14e one month ago, combining dividends and growth in share price your net worth increased 107.24e or 53%! (That’s 1.38% per day!)

If you want to improve your performance on EAv,

  1. I highly recommend you use Instagram. My IG network score has gone from 1 to 43 in the last month. Join me as I continue discussing IG best practices with other IG users in the Instagram blog series.
  2. Subscribe to my blog (top of the right sidebar) to be among the first to receive my list of recommended new players each morning.

So, what’s ahead? I’ve set 4 goals for the next month:

  1. Help EAv and new EAv players so more new players say active on EAv.
  2. Use EAv better to achieve my goals outside EAv (and help other EAv users do the same)
  3. Increase my average dividend to 2.40e/share
  4. Shatter the 300e share price barrier

To thank you for your investment, I’m giving away 500,000 free eaves today. You don’t need to do anything for ’em. Of course, if you’re not already maxed out on me, I think you know the best place to invest them. 😉

Have a great day investing in others!