While most of the images posted to Instagram are photos, there is also a variety of non-photo content posted. A lot of it is crap. But is there any value to any of it?

The non-photo posts to Instagram I’ve seen include:

99% of these non-photo posts are crap. So, wouldn’t IG be a better place if it were just beautiful, inspiring photos?

I love being inspired by the beautiful photos other people post and inspiring others with my photos. I can also see great value in IG as a place for professional or aspiring photographers to build their reputation. But I can also see the potential for Instagram to be used for much more than that.

Higher Potential

Recently I started posting an image each morning that includes an inspirational quote. I realize this isn’t for everyone, but I am passionate about helping people live the best life they can. I post inspirational quotes on Facebook and Twitter, and so doing so in image form is a perfect fit for me.

I’ve also been posting pics from one of my missions trips to Kenya. Some people have commented on those pics asking about the organizations I served with. Perhaps through Instagram, I will inspire one of my followers to support one of these great organizations or perhaps even go to Kenya to serve some day.

With that in mind, maybe there are other ways non-photo content can be used to accomplish good things through Instagram.

What do you think? Do you think there could be some value in posting some types of non-photo content to IG? What if any non-photo content have you posted?

Share Your Progress

I’ve continued to post about 5 pics each day to IG. As mentioned above, I’ve been posting an inspirational quote each morning and some pics from one of my trips to Kenya. My IG networks score has gone up another 5 points in the 5 days since the last post in this series. Up to 51, and on the cusp of making my first appearance on the global IG leaderboard.

How about you? Are you trying anything new on Instagram as a result of this series? How’s it working for you?

– Paul

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