Yesterday, Liz Pullen, asked a great question in response to a posting of my daily “Top New Empire Avenue Stocks” post:

In all of your evaluation, do you ever track and see how these recommendations do?

I do track the data, but up until now I had not analyzed any of it. So, last night I took a look at the recommendations from a week ago (Feb 21 specifically) and this is what I found…

On that day, I had 2 stocks on the main recommendation list and 10 more on the secondary list.

One of the people on the on the secondary recommendation list (LISACHELL) cancelled her account and I didn’t record the refund, so I have no choice but to leave that out of the analysis.  The 2 stocks on the main list are up an average of 125% in one week.  The 9 remaining stocks on the secondary list averaged a 96% gain.

If you had bought 200 shares in all 11 of these stocks when the recommendations were published, you would have spent 46,850e.  Those shares were worth 93,322e last night, almost exactly double their initial value or a gain of 46,472e, and that doesn’t include the dividends earned.