Post your new user recommendations – March 31, 2012

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Still unable to post recommended new users who signed up for EAv yesterday. Got any you would recommend?

Post Your Recommendations – March 30, 2012


I’m unable to post recommendations this morning, so which new EAv users from yesterday would you recommend?

Top New Empire Avenue Stocks – March 29, 2012


Good morning EAvers!  Not a strong day for new sign-ups yesterday.  Today we’ve got just 3 new users on the main recommendation list and 3 more on the secondary list.  Make the most of those opportunities.  Speaking of which, I’ll be making the most of the opportunity to take my family camping in the Everglades for the next few days, so probably no recommendation lists Friday through Sunday.


9 steps to take when starting Empire Avenue to grow quickly


This post is outdated.  See 12 Tips to Getting a Phenomenal Start on Empire Avenue for a current list of tips for new users.


This is a guest post by Orion Wills, (e)IADVERTISE.

Throughout the random (and seemingly endless) stream of random that is Twitter, I happen to see something that caught my eye. It was a link that claimed to help connect your networks and engage other people with similar interests. It was Empire Avenue. I looked over the site and was intrigued.

At first, I thought this would be something that I would spend five minutes a day on. After playing around for a couple of hours after work, I realized that this was something that I really wanted to be more involved in. Not only does it connect me with people that I actually want to connect with but it entices and incentivizes activity (RTs, +1s, likes, et al.). It’s easy to generate thousands of followers, but can you get them to participate in what you’re publishing? EAv helps that.

Here’s the steps that I took that took me from the beginning share price of 10e to 44.34e:


Top New Empire Avenue Stocks – March 28, 2012


Good morning to everyone on the Avenue. Yesterday was a fairly average day for new sign-ups and today we’ve got 7 recommendations on the main list and 3 more on the secondary list.


4 Ways to Quickly Generate Eaves


Orion Wills, aka (e)IADVERTISE, just came on board Empire Avenue yesterday and is one of today’s recommended investments.  In a comment he wrote:

I am very open to tips on how to generate e quickly, as that seems to be the biggest hurdle starting off (need to invest in more people!)

I was about to post a reply when I realized the answer would make for a very useful blog post.  So, here are…

4 Ways to Quickly Generate Eaves


Top New Empire Avenue Stocks – March 27, 2012


Good morning EAvers!  Ten new users on the main recommendation list today and 6 more on the secondary list.


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