Orion Wills, aka (e)IADVERTISE, just came on board Empire Avenue yesterday and is one of today’s recommended investments.  In a comment he wrote:

I am very open to tips on how to generate e quickly, as that seems to be the biggest hurdle starting off (need to invest in more people!)

I was about to post a reply when I realized the answer would make for a very useful blog post.  So, here are…

4 Ways to Quickly Generate Eaves

1) Do missions.  You can earn thousands of eaves in minutes by doing missions.

2) Invest in new users. Because their share prices rise so rapidly, new users produce the best return on investment. A lot of new users drop out after a day or two, so you have to watch your portfolio and be prepared to sell. But it’s not uncommon for a new users share price to double in the first day, so even if they quit and their share price starts to drop after a day or two, you can still make huge gains.

3) Get people to buy your shares. You earn a % of the purchase price every time someone buys your shares. So how can you sell more shares? First of all, don’t beg, threaten or try to manipulate people into buying your shares. Make yourself an attractive investment by inceasing your EAv dividend by engaging with others on EAv and other social networks. Then, introduce yourself to others by investing in others, leaving shouts on the profiles of those you invest in and engaging with other EAvers in communites.

4) Buy eaves. There’s really no limit to how quickly you can expand your portfolio if you’re willing to put cash into it.   (BTW, if you’re considering this, send me a message I have some tips on how to get the best deal on eaves)

Any other good ways to generate eaves quickly?

Paul ~~> (e)PDSTEIN