Celebrating 250 posts with a mission!


In September, Empire Avenue added WordPress.com as one of the networks users can connect.  I had years of experience using self-hosted WordPress blogs, but never WordPress.com.  That was incentive enough for me to give it a try and create this blog.  Six months later…

This is post #250 on Empire Avenue Tips! Woohoo!

Keep reading to get 2,000e and help me take this blog to the next level…


Jason Venter (e)VENTER: It’s high time I told you about Empire Avenue


Jason Venter, aka (e)VENTER, blogged his perspective after being on Empire Avenue for 10 months.  He writes:

There are a number of reasons that Empire Avenue works, but for me the biggest reason is that I’m trying to reach an engaged audience. The competition makes the process fun, but ultimately I’m still on Empire Avenue because I believe it allows me to get my message to others in a pain-free manner.

 Read the full post at: Hello, stranger! It’s high time I told you about Empire Avenue…

Top New Empire Avenue Stocks – March 26, 2012


Good morning EAvers!  Today’s our lucky day as we start with a pair of 7s – 7 new EAvers on the main recommendation list and 7 more on the secondary list.


Top New Empire Avenue Stocks – March 25, 2012


Good morning EAvers. Yesterday was a pretty slow day for new sign-ups to The Avenue – just 84 with 7 making the main recommendation list and 3 more making the secondary list.  If you’re looking for more places to invest your eaves, [X]Pendapalooza VII is in full swing.


Top New Empire Avenue Stocks – March 24, 2012


Good morning EAvers! After a couple down days, we’ve got quite a few good investment opportunities today – 11 on the main list, 7 on the secondary list.


Join the [X]Pendapalooza 7 fun tomorrow!


[X]Pendapalooza 7 is happening March 24/25. This is a carnival of buying and spending helps newer players dramatically improve in wealth, older players find new investments, and everyone broaden their networks. It’s a positive, active, 24-hour buy-a-thon, and it’s all about paying it forward.


2 Missions: The Positive Pledge

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I just published a new blog post on Live Intentionally: Take the Positive Pledge.

One of might highest Empire Avenue related goals right now is to figure out how to best use EAv to get my closer to my bigger goals outside of EAv.  One way that seems to work is to use missions to encourage people to like/share blog posts on Facebook and retweet them on Twitter.  So, I’ve created to missions each with a 1,000e reward.

Mission 1: Like/Share on FB Take the Positive Pledge
Misiion 2: Retweet Take the Positive Pedge

Please post any comments about The Positive Pledge on the blog post itself.  What do you think about using EAv missions to encourage sharing of blog posts?  Worthwhile?  Why or why not?


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