With the release of an Android version of Instagram, I started writing a post with tips for new Android IG users.  Then I realized it really isn’t specific to Android but a good resource for all new IG users, so here are…

7 Tips for New Empire Avenue Instagram Users

  1. Read the How to Rock Empire Avenue with Instagram blog series published on this blog.
  2. Join the original Instagram community on EAv and post your Instagram username as a comment in the topic asking for it.
  3. Join the Instagram2.0 community on EAv.  It’s much more active than the original Instagram community.
  4. Use the #EAvIG hashtag in the description/comment of all the pics you post.
  5. Create an account on statigr.am.
  6. Check the #EAvIG hashtag every day and like bomb your fellow EAvers pics.
  7. Follow me on Instagram (username pdstein). I will follow back and like your pics (as long as they don’t totally suck. 😉

Of course, there are many more tips we could talk about regarding IG and EAv, but these are the bare minimum to get you started.  What you think of these tips?  Any additional tips you think should be included?

– Paul

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