Yesterday afternoon Empire Avenue rolled out the “More Pie #7” and “More Pie #8.” (Grab Your Fork! More Pie Has Arrived!) It’s a move I was looking forward to, but didn’t fully understand what the impact would be.  I’m still adjusting to the new reality, but I imagine my experience isn’t the same as everyone else’s and I’m hoping that together we can get a better understanding of how the new pie upgrades are impact EAv as a whole.


I had about 8 million eaves sitting in the bank yesterday morning and was maxed at 600 shares in more than 500 stocks, 700 in about 70 which I used dessert to acquire.  Since then…

  • I bought Pie #7 (but not Pie #8 yet)
  • I spent about 4 million eaves buying another 100 shares in 200-250 stocks
  • I became a little more aggressive in selling sliders.  I had been hanging on to some stocks that were doing as poorly as a yield of 0.6%-0.7%, declining share price and inactive on EAv.  I began selling stocks like that, so I could max out on more of the higher yield, more active users.
  • My share price shot up 4e yesterday and is already up 2e today.

I realize, however, that my situation is probably not like most other users.  Most EAvers don’t have 8,000,000e sitting in the bank or 3,000 stocks in their portfolio or are maxed out in everyone with a decent yield.

How is Pie Impacting You?

My guess is that if you are a wealthy player with more than 50 million eaves net worth, you’re buying pie and buying shares as fast as your fingers can click a mouse.  This is great for you because you’re going to be able to get a much better return on your eaves, a bigger dividend every day.

If you’re a high-yield user (dividend divided by share price > .9) or a high-reputation user, you’re share price is shooting up faster than the rocket in EAvs animated “rocket fuel” promo video.

But… if you’ve got a low yield  (dividend divided by share price < .7) and not well know, you may be in the red today as people sell your shares to get eaves for pie and better performing stocks.

And of course, if you don’t have a lot of eaves and don’t yet have more pie #6, this probably doesn’t impact your investment strategy at all.

How Will Pie Impact the Avenue?

It looks like the well-known wealthy players will both get bigger dividends, lots of revenue from share purchases and big increases in share price.  Meanwhile it will have little impact and perhaps a negative impact on less wealthy, less well known users.  What does that mean?

1) EAv has made small, active, vocal group of core users very happy.

2) There will be an even bigger disparity between the wealthiest users and everyone else.

3) There will be bigger swings in share price as people by and sell 800 shares at a time instead of just 600.  This volatility and especially the downward spirals that occur when someone is inactive for a few days, is what frustrates and drives away light users.

How has pie 7 & 8 impacted you and your EAv strategy?  How do you think it will impact EAv as a whole?