Savvy Media MarketingRecently Empire Avenue veterans Kim Reynolds (e)QRKIM and Jackie Bigford (e)JACKIESBUZZ teamed up to launch a new business venture together, Savvy Media Marketing (e)SAVVYMEDIACO. As far as I know, this is the first time something like this has happened. So I thought it would be interesting to interview Kim and Jackie about SMM, how it came about and what they’re doing.

Paul: Can you give us the back story of how the two of you met and what led to you starting a business together?

Jackie: If my memory serves me well, Kim and I met on Empire Avenue late last year. It really just started with us buying each other’s stock and leaving short messages with each other. We kept bumping into each other on other platforms because we have some of the same circle of friends in Social Media.

Kim started a private group on Facebook “Social Swap” and she sent me an invitation to join. The premise is to ask for a Social Media favor and then anyone who partakes can leave a link to a task they would like performed. Our friendship certainly developed inside of this group.

Kim has had Savvy Media Marketing for a few years and was looking for the right time and the right connection to develop the scale of the business. She is an amazing talent and her website designs have won her accolades from her clients.

We both are Socially Conscious and believe strongly that Social Media can effect enormous change for good. At the beginning of this year I had just completed a volunteer position with a Non-Profit Foundation as their Social Media Director and Kim was approached with a contract to do Social Media for a Kickstarter Campaign for an amazing Emmy Award Winning Director for Project Forgive. Kim contacted me and the rest is history.

Paul: Tell us more about Savvy Media Marketing. What services do you provide? What sets you apart from other companies that provide similar services?

Jackie: We are a full service Social Media Company and we work with individuals, small to medium business and long and short term projects. Combined we have years of business experience in both the offline and online world. My strengths are making connections, having a very outgoing personality and I love Social Media. Kim is the techie of our partnership, so between the two of us, we have a deep well of experience to draw from.

Paul: One service I’m particularly interested to hear more about is the Empire Avenue portfolio management service. Who is it intended for and what can you do for them?

Jackie: We both love Empire Avenue, I joined a little over a year ago and Kim is coming up on her 1 year Anniversary in August. Kim has done exceptionally well..she is number one globally on the Leaders Board. We are both very well respected and I think this is reflected in the higher than average completion rates we have when we post missions.

Many of our clients do not have the experience or the time to manage their Empire Avenue Portfolios so we offer this as a stand alone service or integrated into their overall Social Media strategy.

Paul: I think it’s pretty cool that the two of you met on EAv and your relationship developed to the point that you have the trust and desire to go into business together. Do you think there’s anything special about EAv (as opposed to other social networks) that led to that?

Jackie: Empire Avenue connects people who would normally never have come together. The platform is an excellent tool to gauge a person’s online presence and it allows you to connect to all of their important platforms, to continue the relationship beyond the game. For example, there is an entire community of pages on Facebook that bring together the people you have met on Empire Avenue where continued sharing and collaboration happen. On Twitter there are several chats that are focussed on Empire Avenue allowing for further connections.

Paul: Do you have any advice for other people who want to use EAv to connect, collaberate and build their businesses?

Jackie: The best advice I can think of is to stop thinking of Empire Avenue as a gaming platform and one of the most important tools to expand your business reach and network of associates. Just join! You will be glad you did. If you see the benefits but truly don’t have the time, that is where Savvy Media Marketing comes in. Contact us and we will be happy to advise you as to the best course of action to take.

Paul: Anything else you’d like to add before we close?

Jackie: We both thank you for the honor of being the subject of your post.

Paul: You’re very welcome.  Thanks for sharing your story and insight with us.  I wish you much success on your new venture.

So, my fellow EAvers, what do you think of what Kim and Jackie are doing with Savvy Media Marketing?  Any follow-up questions you’d like to ask them?