Today is the final day of the 5,000,000e shareholder giveaway. It’s time to reveal the final, “mystery” giveaway…

I’ve had fun the first 4 days giving eaves to those with 200, 400, 600 and 800 shares. While I am very grateful to those who own lots of my shares, I started thinking that the people who might benefit most from a giveaway are those folks who can’t afford hundreds of my shares. So, for the final day of the giveaway I’m going low and going for wide distribution.

I’ll be doing 5 missions over the next couple of hours and each successive mission will have a lower threshold of shares owned to claim the eaves.

Also, I’m not advocating or linking to any specific charities today. Instead, I encourage you to dream big and live boldly towards making a difference in whatever cause is close to your heart. The mission links go to the Live Intentionally FB page, where I try to inspire people to do that every day.

BTW, if you have 800 of my shares there are still rewards left on yesterday’s 25,000e giveaway mission.

Thanks for being awesome shareholders!

Paul ~~> (e)PDSTEIN