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empire avenue pollI enjoy Empire Avenue. I love the people I’ve met through EAv and I think it has potential to be “Social Media Rocket Fuel” as their tag line claims.  But it’s not there yet.

In fact, the number of new sign-ups has been declining in recent months. And desite more than 20,000 new sign-ups this year, the number of active users (10+ EAv actions in the last week) has declined slightly.  People are leaving EAv faster than they’re coming in, and not many new users stick around very long.

EAv can’t continue like this very long, so a few weeks ago, I created the “Empire Avenue Pain Points Poll” as a way of giving my fellow EAvers a forum to discuss the problems that are frustrating them and causing others to leave.

More than 600 EAvers completed the poll! Woohoo! Thanks to all of you for contributing!  This is the first of several posts delving into the results of poll.


Top New Empire Avenue Users – July 31, 2012


Hey EAvers. Just 5 of 67 new users on today’s list…


Top New Empire Avenue Users – July 30, 2012


Good morning EAvers. Hope you all had a good weekend. 17 of 77 new users on today’s list.


Top New Empire Avenue Users – July 29, 2012


Hi EAvers!  4 of 58 new users from yesterday have a dividend > 0.15e/share and are on today’s list…


Top New Empire Avenue Stocks – July 28, 2012


Hi EAvers! EAv being down for a few hours yesterday may have affected new sign-ups.  There were just 52 with 10 making today’s list with a dividend above 0.15…


Crazy Squirrels, Refunds and Lost Pants


Empire Avenue was taken offline this afternoon after it was discovered one of their squirrels had gone crazy and messed up some share prices.  When the site came back online a few hours later, not only had all the squirrels returned to their rightful mind, but refunds were issued and a new achievement given out to those affected.

You can see what the achievement looks like below.  And you check for any refunds here. Personally, I got 79 refunds totaling about 41,000e.  How about you?


Edit 4:41 PM EST: Dups has posted an explanation of the outage on the EAv blog.

EAv Expected to be Down for an Hour

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At 12:49 PM EST Ric Williams in a comment on the Team Zen FB Group, “Empire Avenue is off line for about an hour, we have had a technical problem with a rogue squirrel! Thanks for catching this folks, we really do appreciate it.”

Ric added further clarification concerning an issue I pointed out yesterday in which hundreds of inactive EAv users saw shareprice gains of 1e or more, “Sorry for the delay, yesterday’s issue was related to accounts reconnecting active Twitter ands Facebook accounts after a period of being disconnected. Today’s issue is a script issue with the squirrel having a hangover…”

Update 4:42 PM EST: Empire Avenue ended up being down for several hours. More info is available in this follow-up post: Crazy Squirrels, Refunds and Lost Pants 

Top New Empire Avenue Stocks – July 27, 2012


Hello & happy Friday EAvers! The feedback on the tweaked new format used yesterday was overwhelmingly positive, so I’m continuing with that format until further notice. 13 of 64 new users on today’s list…


Top New Empire Avenue Users – July 26, 2012 – New Format Tweaked


Hello EAvers.  Thanks to all of you who provided feedback on the new recommendations format yesterday. It was overwhelmingly positive and included a some good suggestions as well. So, today I’ve got 14 of yesterday’s 76 new users in a slightly modified version of yesterday’s format.


Top New Empire Avenue Users – July 25, 2012 – New format!


Hi EAvers. For a variety of reasons I’ve decided to experiment with a new format for the daily recommendations. So today 16 of the 73 new users from yesterday are on one list with more detailed information.


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