Empire Avenue Instagram 100 network scoreI’ve enjoyed my 6 months on Instagram, and this weekend I’ve achieved what only a handful of other Empire Avenue  Instagramers have – an Instagram network score of 100. Woohoo! (Instagram leaderboard)

It took 6 months, 880 pics (5-6/day), 18,000 followers, and an average of 800 likes and 18 comments per recent photo.  My entire IG strategy is explained in the How to Rock Empire Avenue with Instagram blog series… with one exception.

I’ve got one secret that helped propel me from a network score of around 70 to 100.  I’ll tell you what it is, but you’ll have to wait a little bit. How’s that for a teaser. 🙂

BTW, my IG username is PDSTEIN if we’re not yet connected.

Paul ~~> (e)PDSTEIN