empire avenue pollFor more than 6 months I’ve been monitoring the number of active users on Empire Avenue and the number of new sign-ups each day. Unfortunately, I’m seeing no growth. Empire Avenue can’t survive for long  like this!

Please join with in completing a brief survey to help clarify what factors are causing so many people to abandon Empire Avenue.

The Numbers

Back on December 31, 2011, Dennis Dittrich first published his data on Empire Avenue accounts. At that time, about 77,000 accounts had been created, but only about 3,000 had 10 more EAv actions in the previous week.  Additionally, about 100 new accounts were being created each day.

Since then, the number of new accounts created each day has average around 100 (though in recent weeks it’s been closer to 80). Therefore, in the nearly 6+ months since Dennis’s post, there have been about 19,000 new accounts created. So, with 19,000 new users, how many of the 96,000 total accounts have been active (10 or more EAv actions) in the last week?

About 2,900

That’s right. Even with 19,000 new sign-ups, the number of active users has actually declined.

During these past 6 months Empire Avenue has also rebranded itself (Social Media Rocket Fuel / Expand, Engage, Evaluate), redesigned its website and did a live event at SXSW. Unfortunately, none of these things has “moved the needle.”

Pain Points

I like Empire Avenue. And I really like the people I’ve met and interact with on a regular basis. I want EAv to succeed, but Empire Avenue won’t survive for long with 2,900 active users.

I’m not writing this to bash Empire Avenue. Just the opposite. I want to join with other EAvers identifying the biggest problems and proposing solutions that will help EAv overcome their current barriers to growth. From my experience and observations I see 7 specific “pain points” that cause people to quit EAv.

  1. It’s too complicated
  2. It takes too much time to manage
  3. The pressure to be on EAv and other social networks every day to constantly increase dividends and share price can be overwhelming
  4. There’s pressure to abuse your networks going for quantity over quality to increase dividends or even use a social network primarily to increase EAv numbers.
  5. New users get frustrated by the “pump and dump” strategy that results in new users share price rising extremely fast and then dropping when many people sell.
  6. Missions produce little in terms of real-world results (leads/sales/donations).
  7. EAv does little to police users who are gaming the system

Pain Points Poll

I’ve created a survey and want to get as many EAvers as possible to weigh in on these pain points. I’d also like ot hear about pain points I may have missed.

Complete the Empire Avenue Pain Points Poll

“Things Empire Avenue Must Do to Survive” blog series

Once the survey results are in, I’m going to start a new blog series titled “Things Empire Avenue Must Do to Survive” which will propose solutions to minimize these pain points.

The Empire Avenue staff have always done a pretty good job of listening to their users. I think they’re aware of most of these pain points, but I’m not sure they understand the degree of frustration there is with some of these problems. As a result, I don’t think they’ve given priority to addressing the biggest barriers to their growth. Through this survey, we can make to clear to Empire Avenue where they need to focus their efforts.


Have you thought about quitting EAv? If so, why? What do you find most frustrating?

On the other hand, if you love EAv and find it worthwhile, what is it that makes EAv worthwhile to you? And what do you think is preventing most users from experiencing what you experience through EAv?