empire avenue pollLast week I posted the raw results of the Empire Avenue Pain Poll, which more than 600 EAvers participated in. In the poll, I asked 3 demographic questions:

  • How long have you been using Empire Avenue?
  • What’s the primary reason you use Empire Avenue?
  • What’s your Empire Avenue share price?

The questions were included in the poll to see if people’s perspective of EAv’s “pain points” were significantly different depending on how they answered these questions. In this post we look at how perspectives variy depending the length of time on EAv.


Before we get to the data itself, let me explain what you’re about to see.

First, I wanted to see how big a problem each demographic group believes each pain point is. So, as I did in the first results post, I combined the percentage of people who indicated a particular issue is a significant issue (voted 4 out of 5) with those who indicated it’s a major issue (5 out of 5). Then I looked for instances where there were significant differences between demographic groups.

The second thing I wanted to do was compare how frustrated each demographic group is. To do that I looked at how people for each demographic group voted on the “overall satisfaction” question. I combined the those who indicated they were very happy or mostly happy into one positive group and combined those who indicated they were mostly frustrated or very frustrated into one negative group. (Those who voted somewhat satisfied were omitted, but you can do the math and figure it out if you want.)

Got it?

% of EAvers Who Indicated the Issue is a Significant or Major Problem Broken Down By Length of Time on EAv

Pain Point < 1 mo 1-3 mo 3-12 mo > 1 yr
1) Complicated for new users 38% 30% 32% 34%
2) Too much time to manage 65% 52% 47% 53%
3) Pressure to be active every day 56% 53% 64% 57%
4) Pressure to abuse networks 45% 53% 59% 52%
5) Pump and Dump 44% 43% 38% 49%
6) Missions produce little results 34% 38% 33% 37%
7) EAv not policing users gaming system 33% 44% 39% 46%


  1. The biggest disparity in response based on length of time on EAv was on question 2, EAv takes too much time to manage. 65% of those on EAv less than a month think it’s a significant or major problem, while everyone else averages around 50%. The most likely explanation for this is that those in their first month are still figuring things out while those on EAv longer have developed routines and started using tools. Another possible contributor is that some of those in their first month who think it takes to long end up quitting, so those who are left don’t consider it as big an issue.
  2.  There’s also a significant difference in the in #4, pressure to abuse networks with users in their first month feeling significantly less pressure (45%) than veterans, especially those on EAv for 3-12 months (59%). This makes sense when you consider that EAvers in their first month can usually increase dividends and share price fairly easily. But the longer you use EAv and the more strategies you’ve implemented and the fewer unused options remain.
  3.  There’s also a significant disparity between the percentage of new users who perceive EAv not policing users who “game the system” as a problem (33%) compared with those who have been on EAv for more than a year (46). This is most likely because many veteran users are upset about mission cheaters, while many new users aren’t even able to run missions yet.
  4. Clearly, the pain points and the perception of those pain points changes over time as one uses EAv.

Overall satisfaction

  • Less than 1 month: 53% positive, 8% negative
  • 1-3 months: 66% positive, 4% negative
  • 3-12 months: 64% positive, 7% negative
  • More than a year: 62% positive, 12% negative

When it comes to overall satisfaction with EAv, those on EAv less than a month are least happy with EAv with only 53% giving a positive indication while the three other groups were all very close between 62% and 66%. Interestingly, those using EAv more than a year were most likely to indicate they were mostly or very frustrated with EAv.

Variances in Primary Use

One last interesting bit of data… 48% of users who have been on EAv less than a month indicated they are using it primarily for branding or lead generation while only 18% of those on more than a year are using EAv primarily for that purpose.

To me, those numbers are very telling. They indicate that many people are signing up with EAv to use it for branding and lead generation, but most of them are quitting. Most of the people who are left are those using EAv for fun or personal networking.