empire avenue solutionsFrom the outside, things at Empire Avenue do not look good.

  • In the 9 months of 2012, Empire Avenue has gone from 3,000 active users (users with at least 10 EAv actions in the last week) to 2,560.
  • At the beginning of the year it was averaging around 100 new sign-ups a day, but now that’s down around 50.
  • No major improvements to the platform have been announced in 6 months.
  • Instead developers have created and launched a new site GamrCred.
  • EAv has been almost completely silent when it comes to these recommendations. Do they have plans to implement any of them?

All of these things could easily lead one to believe EAv is dying and it’s time to move on, unless…

Unless, Empire Avenue gives us reason for hope.

How Long Can EAv Survive?

I’ve never seen Empire Avenue’s books, but there is no way EAv is generating nearly enough revenue to cover expenses. Unless there is a significant change, it’s only a matter of time before they run out of venture capital money and have to shut down.

I wish I had thought to poll EAvers on this, but there’s no time like the present…

Lost Hope

When people think a ship is sinking, they head for the life rafts. That’s been happening with EAv for most of this year. This year 20,000 new accounts have been created but active accounts have dropped by 15%.

Dups can say things like “every individual is committed to long hours of work to help make all our products as good as they can be” but does that convince anyone that EAv will survive long term?

Personally, I do not question the EAv team’s work ethic. I question their priorities (GamrCred) and question whether they have a plan that can right the ship.

Restoring Hope Through Transparency

I believe the only way for EAv to survive is to show that it has a plan that will truly make it “social media rocket fuel” and as a result grow its user base and become a profitable company.

EAv, like most Internet start-ups, has been extremely tight-lipped about their future plans. Most start-ups have a great fear bordering on paranoia that if people find out where they are going, someone else will get there first. But Empire Avenue has two dangers bigger than someone else beating them to wherever they’re going. The first is they will run out of money before they get there, and the second is they won’t have any users when they get there.

That’s why I believe EAv’s best option for restoring hope is to be transparent about their plans for the future. Dups, it’s time to tell us:

  • What is your vision for the future of Empire Avenue?
  • What’s your plan for getting there?
  • Which of these recommendations do you plan to implement?
  • What are your current development priorities?

What do you think? 

  • Please vote in the poll below.
  • Please post a comment and share your thoughts on this recommendation.
  • Please share the link to this post with others, encouraging them to weigh in on this issue.


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