empire avenue solutionsOver the last several months I have blogged about the EAv Pain Points poll which revealed what EAv users find most frustrating and blogged 12 Critical Improvements Empire Avenue Should Make to address those pain points.

The response from you guys has been nothing short of amazing! Hundreds of you voted and dozens of you commented on each of the 12 recommendations.

The question I’m asked most often though is… How has the Empire Avenue team responded? So, here you go…

Empire Avenue’s Responses to the 12 Recommendations

  1. Eliminate Nightly Share Price Adjustment  Voting is 72% in favor, 16% opposed. 107 comments were posted to the blog and another 119 comments in the Team Zen Facebook group. No one from EAv commented on the post, but Ric Williams & Dups were very involved in the FB discuss saying this would require a major rewrite of code so they wouldn’t consider it any time soon.
  2. Hand-hold Newbies Through an EAv Orientation Process  Voting is 94% in favor, 2% opposed. 59 comments posted so far. No comments from EAv on the post itself, but a comment was posted in a FB group by one of their team saying something like this was in the works. That was months ago.
  3. Increase the sell commission on newbies  73% favor this while 16% opposed. 73 comments were posted, but none of them from the EAv team and no comment on this anywhere else that I’m aware of.
  4. Add a mission block feature  82% polled said they favored this recommendation while 10% opposed. A lively 81 comments on the post but no work from EAv.
  5. Promote missions from my fellow community members 85% favor this recommendation with just 5% opposed. 45 comments but no word from EAv.
  6. Supercharge Communities 75% for and just 8% against this recommendation.  61 comments on the post but EAv has been silent.
  7. Make EAv Actions a Force Multiplier 88% in favor of and 8% opposed to this recommendation. 70 comments discussing it, and nothing from EAv. EAv did tweak the dividend calculation about a month ago to give some added weight to EAv actions, but not to the extent recommended.
  8. Communicate “Social Media Rocket Fuel” An overwhelming 92% favor this recommendation with just 3% opposed. 35 comments on the blog post but no word from EAv.
  9. Improve the API Another blowout – 94% for and < 1% against. 57 comments discussing this but no word from Empire Avenue who originally said they would be rolling out version 2.0 of the API in the summer of 2011.
  10. Use Your Own Site 92% voted for this recommendation with 4% against. The post got 78 comments including 3 from Dups, who wrote “in the early days, many many passionate people came out against the staff for using the site and showing partiality, so much so that many of us felt (rightly or wrongly) that there was no option but to reduce usage to seem fair to everyone.” While not an outright rejection of the recommendation, it sounds like justification of the status quo of no one on the EAv team using EAv.
  11. Restore Hope The vote is 89% in favor with 4% opposed to this recommendation. 95 comments were posted. While none of them came from EAv staff, in other discussions Dups soundly rejected the idea of being more transparent with their future plans, comparing their strategy of secrecy to Apple’s.
  12. Improve the FAQs & Support  Support was virtually unanimous for this recommendation 98% to 0%. 30 comments were made to the post but no word from EAv. As far as I know there have been no improvements to the FAQs

So, to sum up the EAv team’s response…

  • 3 of the recommendations were rejected
  • 1 was agreed with but not implemented
  • 8 have not received any comment or action

Just to be clear, this is simply a reporting of the facts. It should not be taken as criticism of the EAv team for not responding to or enacting so many of the recommendations.

While I am disappointed little visible progress has been made in dealing with the “pain points,” and disappointed that the number of new and active users continues to decline, I still see great potential in Empire Avenue. I continue to hold out hope that these issues will eventually be addressed, and that one day Empire Avenue will one day realize its goal of becoming Social Media Rocket Fuel.

Comments? Questions?