eav-complete-missionToday is the last day of EAv is waiving all mission fees, effectively cutting the cost of missions in half.  This has resulted in a boom in missions and posts in groups and communities promoting these missions.

I’ve said a number of times the biggest factor in whether I do a mission (particularly a mission that asks me to share content) is not the size of the reward but whether it will resonate with my friends/followers.  With that in mind, a growing pet peeve of mind is seeing shouts, posts to groups and mission titles that say things like “10,000e mission [mission link]” or “Easy RT Mission [mission link].”


When people do this, they force others to click in and read the mission to find out what it is they’re being asked to promote. Personally, I find that only 10%-20% of the content being asked to share would resonate with my friends/followers.  So, 80%-90% of the time reading the mission description is a waste of time.

So, here is my plea to everyone doing missions: give us a clue as to the topic & what you’re asking for in the mission title and any shouts/posts/groups where you post it.

Agree or disagree?  And why?