beyond empire avenue action planLast month I introduced you to the Beyond Empire Avenue Facebook group, which was created specifically to connect those of us who want to use Empire Avenue to achieve business, charitable and personal goals that go Beyond Empire Avenue.

Since then nearly 100 EAvers have joined the group and shared their Beyond Empire Avenue goals. We’ve also begun discussing the benefits of social media and which of these benefits Empire Avenue can help us achieve.

Now, let’s figure out what we can do to help each other make better use of Empire Avenue for those bigger goals.

Developing a Plan of Action

We all know Empire Avenue has its challenges and limitations. The idea here is not to vent or talk about what we think EAv should change. Instead, let’s accept EAv for what it is and figure out how we can make the most of it.

I’ve got a few general categories of things we could work on.

1) Better connect with our target audiences

In Grading Empire Avenue on the 14 Benefits of Social Media we found that half the benefits of social media can only be realized if you’ve got a very broad audience or you’re able to target your niche. So how can we help each other connect with our target audience?

  • Create a directory of active EAv communities?
  • Create a doc of “best practices” for connecting with people who share your interests?
  • Develop a strategy for inviting our target audiences into EAv?
  • What else?

2) More effective missions

Missions are one of EAv’s most powerful tools but there are challenges to using them effectively. How do we effectively get the word out to the people who will actually do our missions?

  • Create our own notification system where EAvers could subscribe to each individual whose missions they were interested in doing?
  • Create a “missions best practices” doc or training video?
  • Do missions for each other? For free, for a fee or for some other consideration to help those who may not have the eaves to run the missions they want to run.
  • What else?

3) Save time

Some existing time savers include, Dennis Dittrich’s tool, my daily list of new users. What other tools or info could be developed to save time?

4) Grow the user base

We would all be able to make better use of EAv if there were more EAv users. What can we do to bring in more users? And perhaps more importantly what could we do to help new users stick?

  • Create our own EAv wiki that would be far better than EAv’s FAQs?
  • Create a Facebook group specifically for new users to help them connect and answer their questions?
  • Create some kind of EAv bootcamp, training materials?
  • Run a free mission for new users so they can see their effectiveness?
  • What else?


  • Which of these initiatives do you think would be most helpful?
  • Would you be willing to team up with some other Beyond Empire Avenue folks on one of these initiatives?