eav vacation modeEmpire Avenue announced on its blog today some important improvements to the “Vacation Mode” option.

As it’s name indicates, Vacation Mode was intended to enable users to take a break from Empire Avenue without suffering the usual consequences of inactivity.  However, the option in its original form had some flaws.  If the user was inactive on other social networks, that inactivity still resulted in lower dividends paid, which usually resulted in some selling and a drop in share price.

The new and improved Vacation Mode fixes those problems…

Locked & Loaded for the Holidays

The most significant improvement is that it when a user goes on vacation mode, it locks in their average dividend/share and continues to pay that out to their shareholders even if they are inactive on EAv and other social networks.   With dividends holding steady and the “market maker” (which adjusts share prices each morning at the rollover based on social media activity) disabled, there’s no reason for anyone to sell, so share prices should remain steady.

You can read about the other aspects of vacation mode on the EAv blog post.

In my opinion, these are great improvements. I previously thought Vacation Mode was a useless waste, but the new and improved version sounds like a great option.  If I go out of town next week, I may give it a shot.

For More than Just Vacation

I would add that Vacation Mode is also a great option if you’re really busy at work, facing a crisis, or feeling like EAv is taking up too much time.  Now instead of suspending your account with the “taking a break” option, you can take up to 4 weeks to deal with life without suffering any ill consequences on EAv.

One side note on this though… when I blogged about recommended improvements I believe the EAv team should make, the first recommendation I made was to Eliminate Nightly Share Price Adjustment.  Dups & co said the couldn’t do it because it would mean a huge change in the code. But here they have managed to do just that for those who get the vacation mode option.

What do you think of the new Vacation Mode?

Are you planning on using it around the holidays?