eav-mission_menuEmpire Avenue has announced the launch of a new Missions Dashboard.  The dashboard provides a new layout for viewing and managing the missions an EAv user has created.

So what’s changed?

Previously live and archived missions were listed separately. In the new dashboard those lists are combined. If you look at archived missions, they’re now one less click away.  However there is the potential to lose track of an active mission if you have lots of other more recent missions that have been archived.

There’s now an option next to each mission to activate or archive each mission right from the main view

The dashboard also makes it easier to see who has done your missions. This info was always available by clicking the number of remaining rewards, but now it’s in a more visible location. The list of those who have completed a mission now also includes buttons to invest or send a message.

Anything New Here? 

Overall, I think the new layout is nice, but unless I missed something this is another purely cosmetic improvement. There is no new or improved functionality as far as I can tell.

What EAv’s missions really need is a mission block feature and to promote missions from my fellow community members. With no new functionality, I find the new missions dashboard a bit disappointing.

You can view the announcement on EAv’s blog: New! Missions Dashboards

Where there any other significant changes I missed?  What do you think of the new dashboard?