eav dupsEmpire Avenue CEO, Dups, posted some questions in the Team Zen Facebook group in an effort to get an idea of how EAvers perceive various EAv metrics. Since some of you aren’t in Team Zen or may have missed the post, I thought I’d share it here:

Given the following statements are true: 1) Network Scores out of 100 are about your long term engagement in a particular network, 2) Dividends are based on the activity and the engagement you receive from your activity.

So the questions:

a) How do you view Share Price of an individual, what does it reflect about them?

b) How do you see Share Price in a Newbie, i.e. What drives you to invest, recommendations, Share Price, Network Scores or Dividends?

Again, please this is not indicative of any changes, I want to hear your unscientific, subjective opinions on the matter!

My Answers:

a) Share price alone does not reflect anything. Most people with a high share price have simply been on EAv a long time. What matters is the ratio of share price to dividend (aka yield) and the rate of increase of share price. But even that only matters with respect to EAv as a stock market game. If you’re using EAv as a means to network or foster social media engagement and accomplish bigger life goals I’m not sure share price means anything at all.

b) I invest in all newbies. On average they’re a great investment because of the big share price adjustment they get on their first rollover. As you may recall, in EAv Recommendation #1: Eliminate Nightly Share Price Adjustment, I wrote about how EAv’s nightly adjustment gives people incentive to “pump and dump” newbies.

Since I invest in all newbies, the issue isn’t really what drives me to invest but what drives me to keep a newbie. I will sell a newbies on the second day if they don’t connect any networks. Otherwise, I give most newbies a week to engage. If on their 8th or 9th day they have less than 10 EAv actions in the last week, and their dividend is less than 0.20e/share, and they haven’t bought any of my shares, then I usually give up and sell.

A number of people in the Team Zen discussion went on to talk about what drives them to invest in anyone (not just newbies), but because Dups didn’t ask for that specifically this post is pretty long as it is, I’ll leave that for another post.

How would you answer Dups’s 2 questions above?

Feel free to post your answers in a comment here, in the Team Zen group or both. I’m going ot post a link to this post in a comment so Dups will see your comments here