how do I get a website?Yesterday, I launched the first major attempt to use Empire Avenue’s “social media rocket fuel” in conjunction with OurChurch.Com, the website services company I lead.  The results were very promising.  I’ll share specific details of the missions strategy below and the results.

Today I’ve got a second set of five 5,000e missions to share another video in which I answer the question, “How do I get a website?”

Yesterday’s Missions Strategy

Yesterday, I ran five 5,000e missions with 30 rewards each to encourage sharing of the video “Can I get a free website?”  The missions were very simple, each requesting just one action:

  1. Like & comment on the YouTube video
  2. Share the YouTube video on G+
  3. Click the Facebook “like” button on the blog post that had the video embedded along with the transcript
  4. Retweet my tweet of the  the blog post that had the video embedded along with the transcript
  5. +1 the blog post that had the video embedded along with the transcript

Some other strategic elements of the missions:

  • The missions were launched 1-2 hours apart
  • Each mission included links to the previously launched missions in the series
  • I did a shareholder message with the 5th mission
  • I wrote a blog post after the 5th mission, which went out to all of this blog’s subscribers
  • I posted a link to the blog post in the Beyond Empire Avenue, Facebook group.
  • I used to invest in several hundred EAvers and post a shout letting them know about the 1.5m eaves of missions

Missions Results

Before I get to the results, it’s important to understand the goals of the missions series. It was NOT done to generate direct sales or leads.   The goal was to help educate people about the pros and cons of free websites, branding for myself and OurChurch.Com and to help the search rankings of video and blog post.

  • The video got 108 views, 35 likes, 23 comments (helpful for both branding & SEO)
  • The blog post got 39 retweets, 28 FB likes and 53 +1’s
  • According to TweetReach, 242,000 Twitter accounts were reached with the retweets

Total cost was 1,539,000e and about 2 hours of work.

“How do I get a Website?” Missions

Today, I’m running a similar series of missions for another video that addresses the question, “How do I get a website?”  It helps viewers understand the 3 ways to get a website and the pros and cons of each.

Mission: ~~> How do I get a website?!? +1 for 5,000e + another 20,000e

If you come by this post after the rewards are gone or mission is archived, check out How do I get a website?!?


What do you think about the missions strategy and the results?