eav dennis tool screen captureEarlier today Dennis Dittrich, creater of one of the most popular 3rd party Empire Avenue tools http://dr-dittrich.de/eav/eav.pl, announced in the [X]Bar Facebook group, “Bad news: My server just broke and the backup is gone.”

In response to my request for clarification, Dennis wrote, “[It’s] completely unrecoverable. My server and its backup were very closely located at my provider. I’ve already got new hardware but I do not know how long it will take me to get my really necessary services up and running again. EAv is at the end of the list. I have some older code saved locally that may help. Don’t know about it yet…”

Personal Impact?

Personally, I was using Dennis’s tool every day for buying and selling.  While I like the alternative tool, Avenue.io, and have a premium membership for it, Dennis’s tool had some features Avenue.io doesn’t have which I found very helpful:

  • Buy more than 100 stocks at a time
  • Search/buy/sell based on EAv actions & last active
  • Invest a specific number of eaves in each stock rather than number of shares

I’ll shift to using Avenue.io for much of my buying and selling, but I’ll have to also change my buying & selling strategies because it lacks these features. (I haven’t figure that out yet.)

Empire Avenue Impact?

Because so many people used Dennis’s tool for their investing, this will have a significant impact in EAv itself.  Some possible impacts:

  • Fewer shouts on everyone’s profiles
  • Some people may quit using EAv because they decide its not worth the time to manage without Dennis’s tool.
  • We could see a lot less small investments and more large investments.

How will the loss of dittrich.de/eav/eav.pl impact you personally? How do you think it will impact Empire Avenue as a whole?