Empire Avenue interest communitiesEmpire Avenue announced today on its blog that it is ending City Communities and Interest Communities but will continue to support Personal Communities.

City Communities were communities EAv had set up for metropolitan areas as an attempt to connect EAvers who are close geographically.  Similarly, Interest Communities were set up by EAv in an attempt to connect EAvers who share a similar interest.

What does this mean for you and me?

Very little.

City and Interest Communities failed because they had no leaders or core members who were committed to the communities’ success.  The few Personal Communities that are still active are so because of the time, energy and commitment of their leaders.

If you really want to have a EAv community to connect people in your city or around a shared interest, you can create a personal community to do that.

Future of Communities?

The bigger question is, “What is the future of communities on Empire Avenue?”

Nearly every active EAv community has moved from Empire Avenue to Facebook because Facebook groups have better functionality and usability.  The lone benefit/advantage of EAv communities is the ability to target missions to them.

With that in mind, EAv either needs to make a major improvement to communities to make them worth using, or they should kill Personal communities and replace them with what they really are today – lists for targeting missions.

What do you think about the move to kill city and interest communities? About communities in general?