eav-luxury-item-incomeEmpire Avenue continues to clean house of old features. The latest casualty is weekly income from luxury items.

Once upon a time EAv offered virtual “Luxury Items” like cars, boats and houses. These Luxury Items were status symbols more than anything, but some also provided some weekly income. Most of these items could be purchased with eaves, but some of them could only be purchased with real money.  The Luxury items themselves were eliminated a year ago, but EAv continued to pay the weekly income.

Now that weekly income has been eliminated. To mitigate complaints, EAv paid luxury item owners what they would have earned in a year from those items…


Personally, I was never a big fan of luxury items because I’m less interested in EAv as a game and more interested in it as a networking and marketing tool. I think the elimination of luxury items a year ago was a good move, and this move to eliminate luxury income is a good one too.  Paying a lump sum equivalent to a year’s income is more than fair, IMO.

I know some people, though, were upset with luxury items were eliminated, particularly those who paid real money for them.

What do you think about this move?