eav_general_discussion resize17 days ago, Empire Avenue introduced the new “Empire Avenue General Discussion” area as well as some tweaks to the functionality of other communities.

While the purpose for these moves is vague, I think its safe to say that EAv is trying to bring the conversations among EAvers about EAv from Facebook and G+ back to Empire Avenue.

So, has anything really changed?

As I look over the “Empire Avenue General Discussion” I see dozens of discussion topics that have been posted over the last 2 and a half weeks. I also see that Dups (EAv’s CEO) has been pretty good at responding to questions and issues regarding EAv.

Additionally, a quick glance at the major EAv Facebook groups [X]Bar and Team Zen shows virtually no discussion about EAv issues. They seem to have become a ghetto of mission promotion (sorry folks, but I call ’em like I see ’em).

So, in that respect EAv has managed to recapture EAv related discussion. (Though, as CEO of a small business myself, I have to wonder about the wisdom of Dups responding to dozens of discussion posts himself rather than delegating that to another member of the team.)

As far as other communities go…

I don’t see any change there. Seems like most continue to be ghost towns, but I don’t really know because I gave up on EAv communities months ago. We need your perspective on this.

So, discuss…

  1. What’s your take on the changes to communties?
  2. Are you using the “Empire Avenue General Discussion” area? Do you like it?
  3. Have you seen any impact on other EAv communities?