empire_avenue_rocketIn the last week Empire Avenue announced a few very minor changes on their blog.

April 17: Missions Enhancement: Rerun – Now you can rerun a mission that’s been archived or all the rewards have been taken. When doing this the people who did the mission previously cannot do it again. Not a game-changer, but I see some value in this new feature.

April 22: Empire Avenue Block Policy Revised – The post includes an official “block policy” and clarifies how the “block” and “mute” features will work by May 6. Apparently the block and mute features were not woring as described in the post. As someone who has never used the block or mute feature… Zzzzz.

April 22: More Missions Enhancements – There are 3 changes announced in this post:

  1. Missions will automatically be archived after 15 days.
  2. YouTube Channel Subscription Missions removed.
  3. 3 new mission types have been added – YouTube Channels, YouTube Videos, and Twitter Tweets. When using these types, the item is embedded into the mission. So, you get a preview of the channel/content you’re being asked to act on. You still have to click the button and go to the YT channel, YT video or tweet and then there do whatever the mission requests. And it still does not verify that the person who clicked the button actually fulfilled the mission.

My perspective…

I have no problem with any of these changes. They are all good. But they just seem so underwhelming.

The EAv team knows Empire Avenue has major issues that are hindering its growth and financial solvency, they continue to say big improvements are on the way, and yet announcement after announcement seems to be about a minor/cosmetic change.

What do you think of these changes?

Lipstick on a pig?