lipstick on a pigYesterday in EAv Announces a Few More Minor Changes. Lipstick on a Pig? I blogged about about a handful of minor changes EAv announced on the EAv blog in the last week.  Today it looks EAv has made some additional changes not announced in the blog.

1) Updates to Portfolio – Niall Brown announced in the Empire Avenue General Discussion community that portfolios can no longer be sorted by “Dividends To You.” The data there was outdated.

2) Evaluate Redesigned – The Evaluate section of the EAv site used to include a page for each network.  EAv appears to have combined all the data from all networks onto a single Evaluate page.

Honestly I’m scratching my head on this one…  

First of all, the data for some of the networks has been very sparse since they were added (e.g. Google+ only has network score). As far as I can there is no new data provided on the new page.  (Did I miss anything?)

Second, in my opinion, they took what was a very clean, well organized Evaluate section and replaced it with a very long, very busy, very crowded looking page.  Aesthetically, this seems like a major step backwards to me.  What do you think?

Are there other recent changes to EAv you’ve noticed?