Hi EAvers, today we’ve got 5 of yesterday’s 37 new users on the list. Unfortunately, this marks the 4 day in a row that EAv has failed to attract more than 40 new users.  Never the less… have a great day investing in others!

Yesterday’s New Users with Dividend > 0.15 e/share

Ticker Dividend Share Price % Yield
THEANGELUS 0.37 29.59 1.25
ROBCUBBON 0.27 36.63 0.74
DLWALKER 0.21 26.95 0.78
WICLAW 0.19 26.99 0.70
VALSE 0.15 26.40 0.57


Edit 11:55 AM ET: And one late roller… KRUSTBAR 0.20

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– Paul -> (e)PDSTEIN