empire avenue is changingDid you get the email announcement from Empire Avenue titled, “Empire Avenue is Changing!”

If not, you can click the image to the right to see a screen capture of the top part of the announcement.

Why this message? Why now?

Based on this line of the email, “If you haven’t been to Empire Avenue in a while, read below for some of the new features and improvements you might have missed:” the email seems to be geared towards inactive users.

But the timing of the announcement seems odd to me.  On the one hand it sounds like a rebranding announcement, introducing EAv’s new mission, “to help you realize value for your reputation and networks.” But on the other hand, there’s no major news in the message and my understanding is the biggest changes in the latest EAv shift are yet to come.  So why this message now?

It’s also clear that EAv still needs a new marketing director or marketing consultant.  The email touts EAv’s new features.  It’s a basic principle of marketing 101 to sell benefits not features.  Don’t tell me what EAv does, tell me how it’s going to improve my life life!

That’s my $0.02

What do you think?  

Does this get you excited to step things up in EAv?  Do you think its going to bring back inactive users?