premium accountsYesterday’s announcement of upcoming premium accounts sparked 208 comments in the community discussion area plus  numerous blog posts, Facebook group discussions and private message to EAv.  After all that feedback, Empire Avenue has decided to make some changes.

Dups edited the original announcement on the blog to explain these 4 changes:

1. Maximum Mission Rewards: there will be no restrictions on what kind of reward you can offer as we had with the first iteration of Premium Services. All accounts will remain being able to do Missions up to 50,000e as a reward. We will not remove the ability from those accounts now or in the future. We will instead concentrate on making sure that Refined Targeting for Missions gets in as soon as possible.

2. The Mission Commissions reductions were hard to understand: We have made them single values, except for Free, where you will continue to get 80% reduction on Missions of 5000e or less. At Gold for example, your Missions would carry a fee of 50% of the Reward value across the board.

3. We’ve added a couple of line items that are being worked on. Initially we did not add those in as we only wanted to put stuff that was ready, but it is very clear you want to see what is in the pipe. These are Account Verification for Premium Accounts (this may also come as a one-time fee and the process is still being worked on), Premium Communities (lots here and you’ll hear about it separately), Refined Missions Targeting (something everyone has been asking for and again lots here).

4. Based on a very reasoned e-mail and posts from one of our members (thank you (e)KITA) we’ve also increased the amount of eaves per level as well (these are Eaves we will give you as extra, in addition to whatever you get from Dividends and Share Sales/Missions etc.)

I commend Dups & Co for listening and making these changes.  All look like good moves to me.  There’s a new topic on these changes in the community discussion area.

Of course, EAv might have been able to avoid having to make changes if it had an advisory board of active users, but that’s a topic for another time. 🙂

What are your thoughts on the changes?  Good?  Bad?  Do they matter?