negative-growthLike many of you, I’ve been concerned that the number of active users on Empire Avenue has not been growing.  In fact, it’s been declining for more than 18 months.

But based on recent comments by EAv CEO, Dups, EAv is apparently not only unconcerned about the lack of growth but  actually striving for it…

Dups wrote in a comment on Harold Gardner’s blog:

I’m not too worried that our audience is small, we purposefully have controlled access to Empire Avenue so that we can get all the changes in place, it’s hard to make the kind of changes we want to do while having a giant audience.

And all this time I was under the misguided assumption that EAv wanted to grow.

I guess that explains why EAv has not had a marketing person on their team, does not use social media, and seems to be removing most of the fun elements from the Avenue.

I wonder if EAv’s investors are on board with this negative growth strategy. Are you?