eav pie 17Dups announced in the EAv General Discussion Community that the Pie 17 upgrade is now available in the shop.  The upgrade enables users to invest in up to 1700 shares of other users (up to 1800 with the More Dessert upgrade, and 1900 with the Even More Dessert upgrade).

Pie 17 can only be purchased for $25 real money via credit card and not with eaves.  Users with a premium account can get it for 50% off.

Thoughts on pie…

It’s been 2 1/2 months since EAv released a pie upgrade, so this should add a little fun for veteran users who have been maxed out on most users for a while.

And while I wish EAv would have made it possible to purchase Pie 17 with eaves, let’s face it, many of us who have been around long enough to be in a position to upgrade are probably willing to fork over the cash for it, so it’s a good opportunity for EAv to generate a little bit of revenue.

What are your thoughts on Pie 17?  Have you bought the upgrade? Will you?