Goodbye_InsideEAvIn a move that took many by surprise, Dennis Dittrich shut down his Inside EAv portfolio management tool without warning.

The popular free tool was one of only two third party Empire Avenue portfolio management tools online.  According to the stats shown at the top of Inside EAv earlier this morning, it was used to trade 73,686,235 shares worth about 5125 million eaves in the last week. 56% of all EAv actions in the last week were initiated through it.  So, it’s demise will have a huge impact on EAv and its users.

Dennis explained his decision in a “Goodbye” post on his blog… 

EmpireAvenue has lost much of its original appeal for me. It never came close to providing the analytical tool for analysing (my) online activities that I wished it could be. It never developed into something useful for my academic research that I had hoped once it would. EmpireAvenue had certainly entertainment value (also writing the app was a kind of entertainment for me) and as I wrote above I met a few interesting people – also in real life.

Today, I am shutting the insideEAv portfolio management app down. Not at the request of EmpireAvenue – I guess the EAv team would rather like to see it continue helping you even if it violates their rules; and I wish the EAv team the best of luck for their future.

You can read the full post here.

Tension Over API Calls and TOS Violations 

There has always been a bit of tension in the air when it comes to Inside EAv. Except for a critical security/authentication update at the beginning of this year, Empire Avenue has completely neglected its API the last couple of years.  Requests by Dennis and others to update the API, allow additional API calls, and provide additional data seemed to fall on deaf ears at EAv.

So, Dennis took the extraordinary step of openly violating Empire Avenue’s terms of service in order to make Inside EAv userful for its users. The Empire Avenue  team was aware of this and as far as I know, they turned a blind eye to it, neither enforcing the TOS or attempting to work with Dennis so he could make Inside EAv useful and compliant.

That was the case for many months, but recently Dennis’s frustration with the status quo seemed to be growing as evidenced by posts in the Inside EAv Facebook group.

Moving Away from the Stock Market Game

Ultimately, though, it is Empire Avenue’s movement towards de-emphasizing the stock market game aspect of EAv that seems to have been the primary reason Dennis shut down Inside EAv.  It was the game that first drew Dennis to EAv and the analysis of the virtual stock market that led him to develop Inside EAv.

The game is being de-emphasized. It’s not as fun as it once was. The EAv economy is stagnant, so it’s not as interesting to analyze. And it seems those trends will only continue.


I have have found Inside EAv to be extremely useful.  I’ve been using it on a daily basis for a long time and will miss it a great deal.  I guess I will have to shift to doing my portfolio management with

Unfortunately, does not have some very useful features which Inside EAv had, in particular the ability to search by the number of EAv actions and how many days ago a user was last active.  These features have helped me invest in users who are active on EAv and sell of those who aren’t. But EAv doesn’t provide that data in the API.

In closing, I want to thank Dennis for making such an awesome tool that has enhanced my experience on EAv. Thanks for being responsive in supporting the tool.  Thanks for the analysis and the interaction.

What are your thoughts on the shutting down of Inside EAv?