tombstoneThis is going to tick off a lot of long time Empire Avenue Users, but we need to face the fact that there is no future in “the game.”

There are 1,000-2,000 somewhat active game players who want EAv to be a free stock market game. They wail about Premium Accounts, Pie 17 only availble for cash, and people who buy eaves because they view those items as ways to buy an unfair advantage in “the game.”

Let’s face it…

That will not pay the bills.

It’s not sustainable.

EAv knows that and that’s why its changing.

EAv’s only hope for survival is as a “gamified” marketing tool.

While EAv started as an online game that uses social media, it is shifting to an online marketing tool that has some gaming elements to it to make it fun.

Old EAv: game first, social media marketing second.

New EAv: social media marketing first, game second.

If you’re using EAv purely as a social media stock market game, it’s dead. Let me help you through the grieving process by pointing you to the Five Stages of Grief.

Feel free to mourn in the comments below.