avenue io problemsFor the last 24+ hours Avenue.io has been experiencing technical problems. It’s not clear at this time whether the issue is with Avenue.io itself or the Empire’s API which feeds the portfolio management tool its data. But what is clear is if Avenue.io were to go away, Empire Avenue would be in big trouble.

With the demise of InsideEAv, that leaves Avenue.io as the only 3rd party portfolio management tool available.

If Avenue.io were to go down for an extended period of time (or God forbid, permanently), users would be left to manage their portfolios on EmpireAvenue.com, which is extremely time consuming.

Stay or go?

I expect a lot of long time users with big portfolios would come to the conclusion that it’s just not worth the time to manually manage a portfolio through EmpireAvenue.com and would quit.

And it’s hard to see many social media marketing people – who need a good ROI to pay the bills – deciding EAv is worth their time without a good portfolio management tool.

Seems like a big risk to Empire Avenue.

Of course, if Empire Avenue were to go away (and they seem a ways away from profitability), then Avenue.io is dead in the water. So, I suppose both are taking a big risk on each other.

Your thoughts?

Do you use Avenue.io? If so, what would you do if it went away? Would you find a way to manage or give up EAv?