Dr. Michael Haley

This is a guest post by Dr. Michael Haley. 

I have been on Empire Avenue for a little over a year now and remember when missions seemed to be too darn expensive… well, at least to do a good one anyway. If I really worked hard and did a lot of missions, I could maybe put together a 10 person mission at 2,500 eaves each; but if I asked for more than a single tweet is seemed impossible to get the mission completed.

Nearly a year later and virtual dividends from virtual investments has given me the ability to virtually fund a solid mission every day. But, quite frankly, I really don’t have that many mission ideas.

So I thought I might get some ideas from you… I am hoping to hear what you would do if you had an extra 1 million eaves!

Just tell me in the comments what you would do with a million eaves. I am going to choose to fund 1 One Million Eav mission from the comments below!

We’ll work out the details as to how many people to include in your mission and how many eaves to offer each. But I am happy to spend 1 million eaves to fund an AWESOME mission.

The requirements are quite simple:

  1. Your Empire Avenue Account must be less than 1 year old
  2. You must include your Ticker in your comment – you can use your Empire Avenue URL in the “Website” field.
  3. You can NOT be on my blocked list – sorry… but it just seems to make sense. If you find that I have blocked you and it doesn’t seem right, just contact me through Twitter using @agapechiro in the message and let’s fix it.
  4. The mission has to make sense – That is, I will host and fund the mission, but it has to make sense and be possible.

If any of the other verteran Empire Avenue players want to jump in and help support some of the newer players, please let me know in the comments or by messaging (e)drhaley.

We’ll announce the winner(s) one week from the date this post is published.

Yours Truly,