eav_mission_blockEmpire Avenue announced two new enhancements to missions today.

First, users are now able to “restrict missions” so that specific users are not permitted to do their missions but are not blocked from communication or owning each others shares.

Second, mission creators have a new “scaled” rewards option. With this option, the number of eaves the mission-doer receives is based on their network scores – the better the scores the bigger the payout.

Details and analysis…

The Long Awaited Mission Block Feature

I’ve been advocating this idea for more than a year as a way to reduce mission thieving (clicking the button to get the eaves for a mission without doing the task in the mission description).  It was #4 of  the 12 Recommendations to Improve EAv, and the online poll on this idea showed EAvers favor the addition of this feature by an overwhelming 82% to 10%.

The bottom line is this is going to result in a much higher percentage of missions actually being fully completed, which will give mission creators a much better ROI on their missions.  Better ROIs = happier users and a better platform. This is particularly important leading up to the introduction of Vs, where the stakes will be higher as mission creators pay cash for Vs and mission doers can exchange them for “digital entertainment.”

Major props go to David Sanger, who resurrected the idea with an excellent post in the community discussion area.

And major props to Dups & Co for listening to their users, being open to changing their position, and working to quickly roll out this valuable feature.

Scaled Rewards

The idea of paying users with bigger networks higher mission rewards than those with smaller networks makes a lot of sense.  A tweet by someone with 10s of thousands of followers is much more valuable than a tweet by someone with less than 100.

It’s not a perfect system as the scaling is based on the mission-doers top 5 networks rather than the network called for in the mission description.  So, for example, someone who barely uses Twitter at all but has 5 other strong networks could get a bigger reward than someone who is strong on Twitter but no other networks.  But it’s a step in the right direction.

Only EAvers with premium accounts can create missions with scaled rewards right now, but once they become universally available it will be interesting to see how widespread they become.  Will they remain a rarity?  Or will most missions run become scaled?

Another question is how scaled missions impact mission the number of people who do those missions.   Will EAvers with low network scores avoid scaled missions and only do missions with full payouts?  It could depend on whether on the main missions page there is an indication as to which missions are scaled and which payout in full.

You can read EAv’s announcement here.

What are your thoughts on these 2 new enhancements to missions?

Share your payout % and network scores

I’m curious to hear what payout percentage people are receiving and how that compares to their network scores. So here is a mission for up to 10,000e.  The only thing I ask is that you post in a comment on the mission and tell me:

  • The payout you received.
  • The sum of your top 5 network scores.