eav_premium_service_levelsWhen Empire Avenue launched premium accounts on August 15, they came with a 20% discount for the first 3 months (for existing EAv users) and a promise of 3 features coming in August or Fall.

Three months later, 2 of those 3 features still have not been delivered, but EAv announced it would extend the 20% discount for another 3 months.

The 3 “Coming Soon” Features

As you can see on the original premium account comparison table, premium accounts were to include:

  • Account Verification (coming Fall 2013)
  • Refined Targeting (late August 2013)
  • Access to Premium Communities (Fall 2013)

Account verification has been made available. Some improvements have been made in Refined Targeting (for missions). Premium Communities are not yet available.

According to EAv CEO, Dups, “with the Missions getting scaling missions and the interests and networks in the first fee steps towards targeting in a meaningful way.”

As for a time frame for premium communities, Dups said it’s “looking like winter.”  (Not sure exactly what that means since much of the EAv team lives in Canada, and winter can go until June up there, LOL!)

Extending the Discount

I give EAv kudos for recognizing premium accounts are still incomplete and extending the discount another 3 months.  Hopefully by then, premium users will have mission targeting and premium communities.

What are your thoughts on promised premium features and extension of the discount?