eav-pie-1900Empire Avenue made the Pie 19 upgrade available for $25 in the shop today just ahead of of the biggest U.S. pie holiday, Thanksgiving.

EAv has also now made it possible for users to purchase the Pie 18 upgrade with eaves (previously only available for cash).

The Pie 19 upgrade enables users to invest in up to 1900 shares of other users (up to 2000 with the More Dessert upgrade, and 2100 with the Even More Dessert upgrade).

Is too much pie making us sick?

Today’s announcement follows the pattern first employed October 9th when Pie 18 was made available only for cash and Pie 17 (previously only available for cash) was made available for eaves.

As I said back then, I think this is a good strategy – it’s a revenue generating tactic that gives those willing to pay $ an opportunity to get the upgrade early, but still allows those willing to wait the opportunity to get the upgrade without spending money.

Another growing issue, though, is the wild swings in share price more pie has when there are big buys, sells and account cancellations.  Every share bought or sold, changes that your share price by 0.00029e.  So, if someone has invested in 1900 of your shares and they cancel their account, your share price drops a whopping 0.55e!

This is the 8th pie upgrade EAv has released in the last 12 months, so the swings in share price will only get worse.

Is it time EAv consider reducing the impact of investments on share price?

Maybe a sliding scale or something.


  1. What do you think about Pie 19 being released?
  2. Have you bought it? If not, will you? Or will you wait to buy it with eaves?
  3. What do you think about the growing impact pie is having on share price?