eav-vees-giftcardsAfter weeks of anticipation, Empire Avenue has finally rolled out their new virtual currency – Vs – which can be purchased in the shop, given as mission rewards and redeemed for gift cards.

Currently, Starbucks, Amazon and Crate & Barrel gift cards can be purchase in the shop – a $10 gift card for 1300v, which puts their value to the user at 0.77 cents U.S.

What may shock some is the dramatically higher cost to purchase Vs!

1730 Vs can be purchased for $50, which works out to 2.9 cents per V.  That’s 3.75 times the redemption value.

Larger quantities of Vs can be purchased at a slightly better price, but not much.  $250 will net a buyer 9,260 Vs which works out to 2.7 cents each.

EAv has certainly afforded themselves some healthy margins as the sole broker of Vs.

V Missions All Scaled

Go in to create a new mission, and users now have the option to select Vs for their reward.  There doesn’t appear to be an option to have a fixed Vs price, though.

Users can select a minimum number of Vs between 10 and 50 and a maximum between 25 and 100.

For users who choose to run V missions, that works out to a minimum cost of 10Vs x 2.7 cents = 27 cents per reward and a maximum of 100Vs x 2.9 cents = $2.90 for a reward.

NOTE: It appears that there are no reward fees on Vs, which accounts for a good bit of the margin between the buy and sell price.  With eaves, the reward fee can equal the rewards paid effectively doubling the cost of the mission.  With Vs, the reward fee is essentially built into the price at purchase rather than taken when the mission launches.

Who Will Run V Missions?

With V missions ranging from $0.27 to $2.90 per reward, who is going to spend that kind of money?  And what kinds of actions will they request?

I suppose there are some companies out there that might already be paying something in that range to buy fans, followers, or retweets.  My gut feeling is not many, but we’ll see.

You can read more in EAv’s announcement: Vees Are Here

What are your thoughts on V’s?