eav-pie-2000Just 13 days after the release of the Pie 19 upgrade, Empire Avenue has made the Pie 20 upgrade available in the shop, but it’ll cost you $50.  That’s twice the price of previous pie upgrades.  There are also no discounts being offered to users with premium accounts.

As with the last couple releases of pie upgrades, EAv has now made the Pie 19 upgrade available for eaves.

Could these changes bite EAv in the butt?

First of all, there are some users who were willing to spend $25 for pie last time who are not going to pay $50 for it now.  Secondly, the fact that this pie upgrade is being released just 13 days after the last is bound to have some people regretting that they paid $25 last time instead of waiting. Third, some who bought pie 13 days ago are still working on maxing out their portfolio.

Combine all 3 and some people are bound to say, “You know what, I’ll just wait a couple weeks and see if EAv releases another pie upgrade and I can buy 20 with eaves then.”

That’s what I’m saying. And that’s why I’m waiting.  My hope is that if enough people don’t buy Pie 20 for $50, the next time around they’ll drop the price back to $25.

If less than half as many people buy pie for $50 as bought it last time for $25, the price change becomes a money loser for EAv and they would be smart to drop the price back to $25.

What do you think?

Have you bought past pie upgrades with cash or eaves?  Are you going to pay $50 for pie 20 or wait to buy it with eaves?