eav-katy-perryA couple of weeks ago I wrote about Empire Avenue’s new digital currency – Vees – and how it could be redeemed for gift cards in the shop.  Today, EAv expanded what vees can be exchanged for to include digital music downloads.

How do the “prices” break down?

Songs can be purchased for 129V and 168V.  Based on the exchange rate on the gift cards (a $10 gift card for 1300V), Empire Avenue seems to have pegged the redemption value of vees at 130V = $1 U.S.  At that rate, music downloads are being valued at $0.99 and $1.29, which is the same price as they go for in iTunes.

Music downloads are only available to users in the U.S. and Canada right now.

This appears to be just the tip of the ice berg as the announcement reports, “movies, books and other goods and services” are also coming to the Vees Market Place.

One big question mark…

I think this is a nice step forward – most people like music (and gift cards).  The big question that still remains, however, is… are companies are going to purchase vees and do vee missions so that users have vees to exchange for these nice rewards?

What do you think?

If/when you get enough vees to exchange would you opt for a gift card or music?