eav-vees-missionHey EAvers, I’m running my first mission with vees as rewards and I wanted to give you – my blog subscribers – a heads up.

The mission is to share a video blog post on the topic: How Long to Get Google Top 10 Ranking?

You can find the mission here.

What will you do for Vees?

From a scientific/marketing/economic standpoint, I’m interested to see what people will to do for vees in comparison for what they’ll do for eaves.

I’ve been running missions with rewards of 20,000e for a YouTube like & comment, and other missions with rewards of 20,000e to simply read a blog post (and asking for optional shares).  In this mission, I’m asking for a tweet, FB share and G+ share for 25 vees.

My thinking is that there are so few vees missions that demand is far greater than supply, so mission creators can ask for a lot and pay on the low end of the scale, but I’d like to know what you think?

Did you do the mission?

Do you think (up to) 25 vees is a fair price for 3 shares?

My guess is some people will say its a lot to ask for 25 vees, but will do it anyway.  Let’s find out. 🙂

P.S. What’d you think of the video blog?